Folding Studies

Origami is the beautiful medium of folding paper.  The traditional process involves taking a square piece of paper, folding it into patterns from nature, kind of like a sculptural haiku.

In 2007 I developed a method for producing compound bends with a sheet of plastic. I used this method to produce a set of furniture folded from from acrylic sheets.



While in my residency at autodesk’s pier 9 workshop I was able to explore combining Huffman curve styles of bending with thick medium kerf bending techniques. The challenge laid in the finding a pattern which enabled bending in two directions.


IMG_3530 IMG_3498 IMG_3502 IMG_3529 IMG_3536 IMG_3495 IMG_3458IMG_3722 IMG_3737IMG_3756 IMG_3757


In 2012 I collaborated with Aviv to make  a large Hypar shade structure from a 9′ square of tyvek houseing wrap.